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GoGogate garage door and gate control

GoGogate packWe are now a U.K. distributor of the excellent GoGogate garage door and gate controller.

This brilliant device connects to garage door and gate operators and allows you to control them via a Smartphone App.

When around the home the connection is via Wi-Fi but when you are away its done via your mobile phone signal.

Sensors mounted on the garage or gate let you know with a glance whether the door is open or closed.

Available to buy now from our spares website 

6 Responses to “GoGogate garage door and gate control”

  1. Martin Sanders says:

    We have just purchased the GoGoGate Kit inclusive of sensor
    I believe the sensor we require is the garage door sensor
    (If that works on a tilt basis)

    Many Thanks in advance

  2. Pete says:

    Hi yes it’s a wireless tilt sensor for up and over/sectional type doors


  3. Jon Andrews says:

    Do you stock the new GoGoGate 2 as the original doesn’t work with the Apple Watch or IFTT. If so how much would it be for a system to control two garage doors to be shipped to a standard mainland U.K. Address please. I look forward to hearing from you. Regards. Jon

  4. Pete says:

    Hi Jon, yes we have them in stock and you can order following this link,
    Please send a separate email stating type of sensors required.
    Kind regards


  5. Gary says:

    Hi Pete I have a 3 week old Hormann sectional garage door with a and I would like to buy and fit this system. Is it compatible as it appears cheaper than the Hormann equivalent


  6. Pete says:

    Hi Gary, the GoGoGate will work fine with the Hormann. We also have a Nold system which works more locally over bluetooth.

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