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Here at the Henderson garage door centre (Chester) we have garage doors, automation, spares and gate automation from all the major quality manufacturers. Please click on the links below to view the different types and styles of garage doors and associated products available from ourselves.

Roller Garage Doors

Henderson Insulated RollerThe Roller Door design incorporates horizontal slats or laths which smoothly ascend and form a coil above the garage opening. Roller Doors are ideally suited to garages where it is not desirable to have the garage door extending into the garage for reasons such as loft access and storage, or where fixed items such as boilers may be in the way. These doors work well with arched doorways or, as with sectional doors, garages which open onto short driveways that are tight on parking space.

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional Garage Doors are rapidly becoming one of the most popular Garage Door types on the market. Sectional doors can be supplied in either un-insulated or insulated form.
All of our Sectional Garage Doors, Insulated and Non Insulated, are fitted with a full perimeter seal therefore this, unlike the old fashioned One Piece Garage Door, helps keep wind, moisture and debris from entering your garage.
Sectional Doors are made up of separate, horizontally hinged panels. The door opens and closes vertically, allowing you to park right in front of your garage door

Up & Over Doors

Up & Over garage doors are still by far the most popular type of garage door on the market.

As the door is opened it moves as a single piece into a horizontal position overhead.

Up & Over garage doors, are available in two types operating gear – Canopy and Retractable.

Side Hinged

sideTraditional side hinged garage doors are still very popular; especially so with people who never use the garage for their car. The garage may be used as a workshop or just for storage. Others may wish to maintain the traditional look to their home and garage. We have designs which will achieve this. Strong winds taking hold of a door leaf when it is being opened has always been a problem with these doors and we strongly recommend that you purchase door stays when ordering a pair of these doors.

Side Sectional Garage Doors

Side-Sectional-Doors are suitable for most garages and offer an attractive, individual solution for archways, curves or conventional rectangular openings. They have all the thermal benefits of a standard sectional door as the same panels are used, but they do not intrude into the loft area which can many people now use a storage.

carport 4844Car Ports and External Canopies

Covering your car not only protects it from the British weather but also provides coverage when the entering or exiting the vehicle. Traditional and contemporary designs are available with a range of finishes to suit all applications. The applications for this product are vast from the obvious car scenario to patio’s, bike shelters, smoking shelters jacuzzi covers etc.

canopy 1Door Canopies

A stylish addition to any doorway with many practical benefits. These can also be used as shelters for other purposes and can be coupled to provide a continuous run down the length of a wall.

Garage Door Automation

Opening your garage door from your car is not only easy, it’s safe too. At the touch of a button, the automatic operator opens the garage door and lights the garage interior. You drive into the garage and the door can then be closed behind you. All without leaving the safety and comfort of your car.

Garage Door Spares

We carry a full range of ‘commonly’ requested spares in our showroom, however we also have access to a huge catalogue of spares for all manufacturers going back many years.

Parking Aids

Many dents, chips and scratches happen in the garage when parking up and getting out of the car. Save yourself pounds by fitting some of our parking aids before its to late.

Gate Automation

We have a range of gate automation systems to suit all situations from domestic to

commercial applications.