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Sectional Garage Doors

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Rather than using a single panel, a sectional door is made up of separate horizontal panels.

  • Reliable Operation: The use of adjustable track rollers with Sectional doors gives a smooth yet highly-reliable opening action that is well suited for automatic operation.
  • Vehicle Clearance: Unlike ‘Up and Over’ doors, Sectional doors do not protrude out of the garage opening whilst they are being opened/closed. This allows for close parking inside and out of the garage. Most Sectional Doors when fitted with electric operation fully clear the daylight opening. This design also allows for optimum headroom within the garage for better accommodation of 4x4s and MPVs.
  • Long-term: Sectional garage doors are manufactured from galvanized steel, are polyester primer coated and have a high-quality surface finish. This ensures long-term durability with a high resistance to scratching and weathering.
  • Seals: Sectional doors use discreet top, bottom and side sealing strips. A hollow profile floor sealing strip is used to disguise small irregularities in uneven flooring.
  • Security: Sectional Doors, both manual and automatic are very secure. With both methods of operation, the doors are held at each corner of each section by the wheels in the tracks. Vertical opening is prevented with a manual door by a lock engaging with the side track. With the automatic door the electric operator holds the door solidly down in the closed position.
  • Insulated: Use double sided steel section, which is bonded in the same manner as an un-insulated door. Additionally, the double sided steel section is evenly filled with CFC-free rigid foam to provide exceptional thermal insulation. Insulated door thickness is available in 20mm, 35mm, and 45mm depending on the door you choose, your budget and requirements.