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Henderson g60 Garage Doors

Quality For Life

The g60 garage door is the result of three years of design work and over eighty years of experience.
Homeowners, safety experts, security professionals and door installers have all been involved in creating a garage door with unbeatable features which gives you more value for your money.

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Unique Level of Security

Created to be safe for all the family, the door has panel joints which are shaped to push wayward fingers away from danger as the door opens and closes.
Protective covers shield the moving parts of the door through the complete opening and closing cycle ensuring that the highest level of protection is given to you.

Underlying Technology

A garage can have a wide variety of uses. For this reason, Sweden was chosen as the country to design the g60 in the Scandinavian climate – the result is a door with deep insulation for greater warmth and strength.
With a panel thickness of 42mm, seals on all sides and thermal break on all sections the door achieves a class leading U-value of 1.00 (door leaf 10m²)

And, for your peace of mind, all g60 garage doors are guaranteed for a period of ten years from the date of installation.
Whichever g60 design you choose, you are making a choice which will grace your home for years to come.