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Wicket Up and Over Door

Ultimate Convenience

Our Wicket up and over garage door has a neat trick up its sleeve, a built in pass door! It opens just like any other side door making it perfect for accessing the garage without opening the whole doorway. All doors are factory finished in white as standard with several optional colours available, and come complete with a steel mounting frame. The door mechanism is of the retractable type and can be motorized using our standard motor range.

Download the Wicket Up and Over brochure here

Key Benefits

Cable operated steel latches engage every time with positive clunk. Latches are quickly retracted by the internal or external handle.

The door is built to fine tolerances that means no unsightly gaps around the door and a rigid strong panel that isdurable and long lasting.

Every door includes MAXIPLUS operating gear as standard – narrow profile, high level lifting arms ensuring maximum drive through width at wing mirror height.

The bottom threshold provides an excellent seal against leaves and other debris blowing under your door . It can be removed if a flush threshold is preferred.