Gates & Gate Automation

Gate Automation

We offer a range of solutions for automating your existing gate or supplying an entirely new, fully automated gate.

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Gate Automation

Gate Automation

We offer a range of solutions that can automate your existing gate or supply a new gate complete with automation. Here at Henderson we will not compromise on safety, therefore we are a member of Gate Safe, ensuring you of a professional and safe install.

We offer two main types of gate automation, above ground or underground, which can be applied to Swing or Sliding Gates.

Key points of above ground gate automation systems

  • Extremely versatile and useful for automating existing gates, above ground automation systems are attached to the gate itself and therefore limited groundwork is required.
  • We have a range of systems available, articulated, ram and sliding motors, a solution can be found for the majority of configurations.

Key points of underground gate automation systems

  • The most aesthetically pleasing gate automation system as all workings are hidden below the gate pivot point.
  • Slightly more installation work is required (especially onto an existing gate), however the immaculate appearance is worth the extra cost in most circumstances.

All of our automation systems are installed with the relevant safety devices for that particular installation, commissioned and effectively force tested for safety.

Want to test our automation system? Our Chester showroom contains a fully working gate with automation, come and give it a try today, call us on

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