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Side Hinged Doors

Providing a warm draught free environment, our side hinged doors are perfect for homeowners using their garage as a workshop.

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Side Hinged Doors

Side Hinged Doors

Side hinged garage doors are an ideal solution for people who want to retain a more traditional appearance to their garage door. When a garage is used as a workshop, in which an insulated door is key, our side hinged doors provide a warm draught free environment to work. With a choice of steel single skin or an insulated panel we have a variety of options for customers requiring different needs.

Single skin side hinged doors

Insulated side hinged doors

Why choose our Side Hinged Doors?

  • Upgrade to an Insulated Panel – Provides a warm draught free environment
  • Increased security – Upgrade to 3 point locking on our insulated model
  • Convenience – 50/50 split or 1/3, 2/3, only one side needs to be opened for easy access
  • Choice of styles – Comprehensive range available to suit all homes
  • Space saving – No tracks inside the garage providing a clear space

Installation of our Side Hinged Doors is carried out by our own team of trusted professional staff, please give us a call at our showroom in Chester to make an appointment for a quotation.

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