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Fantastic new designer range of garage doors – Dura Print

We have become a distributor for “YOUR DOOR” which uses unique technology to print designs onto the surface of the garage door panel- Dura Print. As well as a extensive range of designs to choose from, the door can be printed with the design provided by the customer such as a company logo

The totally new and worldwide unique technology uses digital ink printing with UV lamp curing, the final digital print is varnished by a matt PUR lacquer. The resulting surface offers so a high resistance both against UV light rays and against scratching and abrasion.

  • Choose a completely unique and individual design: “Your Door, Your Design
  • 10-year warranty on surface finish
  • All panel types and surfaces printable up to 360 dpi resolution
  • All designs can be printed on the interior surface of the door panel
  • Window frames and other accessories printed to match your door
  • Full traceability ensure additional or replacements panel availability
  • Applicable for industrial doors, e.g. company logos
  • Designs exactly printed to door dimensions

A full range of designs is available at

dura print sectional garage door

dura print design sectional garage door from henderson chester